The Coastal Geoecology Center (CGEL) is part of UMR 6554 LETG .

Current research at CGEL focuses on coastal spatial structures and socio-ecological processes. Oscillating between three disciplines which are oceanology, geography and ecology, the programs and studies in progress deal in particular with risk management (flooding / erosion hazards, exposure, vulnerability) and connectivity between habitats.



It was in 1960 that the EPHE Geomorphology Laboratory moved to its current premises, at 15 boulevard de la mer in Dinard. Under the supervision of Francis Ruellan, he specializes in photogrammetry and the interpretation of stereoscopic terrestrial and aerial photographs (Japan, Brazil, Brittany).

In 1966, Fernand Verger was in turn appointed director and the laboratory thus became acquainted with the first satellite images. Remote sensing and cartography from aerial photography became the specialty of the Dinard team, particularly in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel.

In 1999, Marie-Françoise Courel took over the head of the laboratory. It broadens the coastal studies focused on the Norman-Breton Gulf to arid regions (Mauritania, Mali, Niger, etc.).

In 2012, the management of the laboratory fell to Samuel Etienne. Inscribing his work in a naturalistic tradition of physical geography, he studies the geomorphological dynamics of volcanic coasts (Ireland, Iceland, South Pacific).

Since 2019, the laboratory has changed its name. From now on, it is called: Center for Coastal Geoecology and is directed by Antoine Collin.